Friday, 31 October 2008

Customize your home decor with crafts

One of the hottest trends today is do-it-yourself decorating. Shows like “Designing Cents,” “Trading Spaces,” and “The Christopher Lowell Show” provide inspiration for ways to incorporate current decorating trends into your home décor while sticking to your budget. Everyone wants their home to be stylish and reflect their personality. As these shows demonstrate, easy, inexpensive changes can have a major impact on your home.

Simple changes can make a huge difference in a room. It doesn’t take a custom-built entertainment center to add drama to a room. Something as straightforward as choosing a new paint color can have a considerable impact. Imagine the walls in your family room going from beige to a bold, new color such as sage, melon or navy.

The Sofa Set

The Sofa Set

The Sofa Set that good to be despised by you among the window of glasses with the carpet as the good foundation for the sitting room or space when you enjoyed coffee

Computer Armoire

Computer Armoire Computer Desk,

You want to facilitated in completing the task of the office or the task of your lecture and you must be want design the computer table Computer Armoire that like this design that was brief one set could to despise all the requirements that were needed by you

Beautiful Building Villa

Interior Design, Interior, Home interior, Beautiful Building Villa

This design house in the country by the side of sea or lake beautiful because calm cool water helps you to take a rest design lamp and design beautiful building

Sofa Design

Sofa Design Sofa,

Sofa that understand what you will require what you will want very delicious to will relax to enjoy good sofa snack for you mobile or good also to reclining

All Cabinet Cupboard

All Cabinet Cupboard

All Cabinet rotatory cupboard to learns to play music and keep everything you have design good cupboard to decorate your house is your can put teve at this cupboard

Trestle Dining Table

Dining Room, Dining Set, Table Furniture, Trestle Dining Table

For coeval the dining table that was ideal was for the extended family made from original wood and used the color of clean wood and was seen beautiful dining this set

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Inexpensive Nature Prints

Botanical prints can be expensive. A great way to have them (or any beautiful artwork for that matter) without paying a fortune for them is to find books with prints in them & tear out or photocopy the pictures & frame them.

I was lucky enough to find a beautiful book of botanical prints at a yardsale & have used lots of the prints in my home. I also scour second-hand stores for unique frames-usually with pictures I don't care for in them that I remove. I purchased all of the frames pictured (above &below) for $1.50- $3.00 each.

Here are some coral & lobster prints I used for a bathroom-in-progress in my dad's lake house:

I do mostly long-distance decorating since it's in Antioch, Illinois, but when I visit, I try to accessorize as quickly as I can on a serious budget. The prints are a great way to accessorize a lake house since they're so fitting and I only had to make 1 purchase so my dad doesn't gripe about me spending too much on decorating every time I come!

Here's a close-up of a fully opened page. You can see the fold in the center, but I think it sort of adds to the charm. Eventually I plan on matting all of the prints, but that's another project on another trip!

Happy hunting!

Largest Furniture and Home Décor

Largest Furniture and Home Décor
Largest Furniture and Home Décor 2
Largest Furniture and Home Décor 3
Largest Furniture and Home Décor 4
Largest Furniture and Home Décor 5
Largest Furniture and Home Décor 6

I absolutely love the furniture at IKEA. It is the perfect solution to the problem of expensive furniture.

IKEA home furniture offers everything you can imagine, from bedroom sets and dressers, to kitchen tables and entertainment centers, to couches and recliners, and even home décor such as mirrors, pictures, and knick-knacks.

One of the other great things about IKEA is that they offer very contemporary and modern home furniture. Everything is pretty cool and new looking.

Last but not least, the best thing about IKEA besides the cool furniture is the prices. Everything in the store is affordable, which is what I like!

Furniture Home Decor Interior Design

Furniture Home Decor Interior Design
Furniture Home Decor Interior Design 2
Furniture Home Decor Interior Design 3
Furniture Home Decor Interior Design 4
Furniture Home Decor Interior Design 5

Designing your home's decor is a lifelong process. Many people operate under the assumption that the task of decorating their home should only take a certain amount of time. They think in terms of "Now I will complete the living room," or, "now I will finish the bedroom." Just as time brings change, and as surely as we age, and as surely as our children grow, so will your home change.

You will gather more knowledge, read more books, visit new places, and build more memories. Just as you are a work in progress, so you should view your home's development. As you change and grow, so will your tastes in decor. Your unique style and preferences will evolve, even if only slightly. You may decide to incorporate light using molding for indirect lighting, bring in a fresh palette, and add interesting architectural elements and timeless home furnishings.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I'm now offering e-design services! I'm really excited to start it up & I'll keep you posted on how it's going. Check out for details.

E-clients fill out a questionnaire and then send in photos & room measurements. Pure Style creates a Design Plan accompanied by a Design Board (above) and a Shopping List. Everything the client needs to create the room is provided via email within 2 weeks.

Pass it on if you know anyone interested- thanks!!

Naturally modern Arabian landscape home decor

Naturally modern Arabian landscape home decor1
Naturally modern Arabian landscape home decor2
Naturally modern Arabian landscape home decor3
Naturally modern Arabian landscape home decor4

Chic luxury emerges from a dramatic desert landscape. The vast sandscapes of the Arabian landscape versus the lush surrounds of green in an extensive polo property. The conventional opulence of Dubai Luxury Resort versus signature Per Aquum chic subtly merged with the elegant forms of local architecture and design.

Set amidst green fields and palm trees, Desert Palm Dubai offers sensually designed accommodation – Arabia touched with the avant-garde. Desert Palm Resort features twenty-four naturally modern guest suites and pool villas, each showcasing its own distinctive design embodying the simplicity and elegance of the estate's graceful surrounds.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Home inspiration and instruction for home design

Home inspiration and instruction for home design
Home inspiration and instruction for home design2
Home inspiration and instruction for home design3
Home inspiration and instruction for home design4
Home inspiration and instruction for home design5
Home inspiration and instruction for home design6

Planning a new closet or storage system? Usona Home has a great series of closet pictures with intelligent layouts that provide room for hanging storage, drawers, and even movable units. Their high-end storage systems aren't within everyone's reach, but with a little planning and some lower-priced substitutions, a similar look could be achieved...

Crystal D. Said : Two of my tips include:
(1) Creating decision piles, which I call the "Piles System", and
(2) Using The 5-Second Rule. As you sort, it is likely that you will get sidetracked and be tempted to read all those long-lost documents or muse dreamily about that old souvenir you haven't seen since your college days. To avoid this scenario, allow yourself only 5 seconds (yes, that’s plenty of time) to glance at the item and decide where it goes!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Unique home decor

Unique home decor1
Unique home decor2
Unique home decor4
Unique home decor5
Unique home decor3

The Pop Design challenge was to style a room using Jonathan Adler’s products. I could do this one in my sleep, as I want at least half of his collection and I worship him. I was really disappointed in the result of this challenge, as I had a favorite who was not the winner. However, my favorite moment was when India called Jonathan “short.”

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Table Copacabana

Coffee Table Design, Chairs, Table Copacabana

Apart from as the place ate that was good but good also to enjoy coffee Table Copacabana while relaxing the table and the appropriate seat harmonious beautiful teamed up you could also add the seat in accordance with your requirement

The dining table

Dining Room, Dining Set, The dining table

The dining table Furniture that was very perfect to have lunch breakfast and dinner with almost all the tables and the seat used seat wood that in the soft sleeper made comfortable

Tables Meting

Table Furniture, Chairs, Tables Meting

The table that was good to meting discussions in the office with design the table that displayed oval could also in more with several seats really enabled space to be in a meeting to politeness and elegant

Design Boardroom Tables

Table Furniture, Chairs, Design Boardroom Tables

Design Boardroom Tables And this one still the oval table that was good to meeting good to in placed in wide meeting space and this table use these coeval style glasses this also suggested felt openness and the space

Interior Design Bedroom

Bedroom, Home interior, Interior Design,

The practical bed facilitated you arranged the direction and the location of the clean bed foam was located near the good window for the room that upper space with the floor from comfortable bed wood Interior Design Bedroom by Rodrigo Quinones

Interior Design Dining Room


The dining room that was beautiful with the interior design dining perfect cream here the picture in took during the night and ideal beautiful to eat dinner the romantic dining room the perfect interior by A. J. Kandy

Modern home decor for the ultimate trend guide

I suggest housewarming gifts, but you could tag those suggestions for Valentine’s Day or any occasions of the year. In fact, I suspected you may go and buy those for yourself.
Cookbook Stand

Once you used a well-designed cookbook stand, you wonder how you lived so long without one. Besides its look, I am craving for the weighted chains to keep the pages in place. From experience I can tell you that with a thick cookbook, the bar at the bottom are not enough.

The Architectural Cookbook Stand is more suitable for a larger kitchen. If the style harmonizes well with the recipient’s kitchen, I am telling you that you cannot find a better gift for $29.