Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ralph Lauren ~ La Plage


and fabric...

and accessories...

Picnic anyone?

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post

Self- Introductions

This is the easiest type of introduction. The only name you need to remember is your own. This is not the time to be shy. In all situations, self- introduction is fairly casual. . (“Hello, my name is Alex.”) The other person should respond “I am Lew. “It is nice to meet you Miss Williams.”

Someone may blurt out “What’s your name?” while forgetting to state his own. State your name before asking that person’s name.

When introducing yourself to a group of people, wait until there is a pause in their conversation. A hello and your name may be enough, but if you prefer to ask a question, introduce yourself and then ask the question. “Hello, I am Teresa. This is my first visit to your club, and I was wondering about tonight’s agenda.”)

At large events, you will NEED to introduce yourself if there is no one there to introduce you.

I hope that you have enjoyed these posts from the Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 Collection.

See you soon,

Pure Organization Project #8: Tupperware Storage

I have to be honest with you:  I'm fading fast on the organization.  I'm sorry I never got Mr.Linky up last week & especially sorry that I haven't been able to check out everyone's projects. 

Last week was a crazy week for sure, but I'm having trouble seeing how it's going go get any less crazy now that I'm back at work with 2 little ones at home.  SO, in the interest of sanity (my own of course ;)  I'm taking a teensy chill pill about the Pure Organization.  They won't be every week.  (There I said it!)  I just can't make it all happen right now.  There may be 2 in a row and they may be every other week or I may have a good month and get them all in, but I just need to take some pressure off right now.  I hope you can understand & since you're all usually extremely sweet, I'm pretty sure you will ;)

But, I do have one for you this week!  Organize & purge the tupperware.  This one came out of pure necessity.  When all of our tupperware was clean & unused, it got to this:

Eeeeeek!   No joke.  We'd made a bunch of meals & frozen them for when the baby would be born, but when we ate the meals, we had way too much tupperware!  (Add that to the inherited tupperware from family who'd dropped off meals.)  Anyway, here was our drawer before:  lots of the lids and bottoms had no mates...

And here it is now:

Ahhhhh so much better.  I ditched all the mateless pieces (recycled them) and put the inherited stuff in a bag to return, and now it's feeling so much better.  The key is this:

I kept one of the mateless containers and filled it with all of the lids for easy matching up.  Makes it so much easier! Good luck on this one if you join in!!


Ralph Lauren ~ Le Grand Hotel

The Spring 2010 Collection by Ralph Lauren is as beautiful as we have come to expect from this design giant. Classic and genius are words that present themselves into my mind when I open a magazine or email with his work displayed. This bedroom is no exception, and neither is the rest of the perfection in this collection, which I will show you in two posts, beginning with this one.

Rich textures, color, and wood are present in everything designed by Ralph Lauren.

Beautiful fabrics...

and beautifully finished wood.

Lavish whites...


and luxurious materials.



and personal goods.

Beautiful dining furnishings...


and to finish it all... a lovely bar.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

The Order of Introductions

Who to introduce to whom is a subject we worry about needlessly. The person being introduced first is shown deference, based on seniority or prominence. The order in which a person is introduced is important, but if a mistake is made offence is not usually taken.

The four guidelines follow:

Younger person is introduced to an older person. (“Mrs. Quinn, I want to introduce you to my daughter, Angela Duke. Angela, this is aunt, Mrs. Quinn”.)

A person of high rank or prominence is named first and received the introduction. (“Princess Angela, may I present my husband C. J. ? ”) Always try to introduce your boss first when introducing them to a lower rank person. (Mr. Gunter, I would like for you to meet Ashley Griswold, who will begin work with us on Monday. Ashley, this is Mr. Gunter, president of our company.”)

When introducing others to family members, the other person’s name is said first. (“Alex, I would like for you to meet my cousin, Erin.”). But as a sign of respect, an older person is named first. (“Mother, I would like to introduce Lauren Williams. Lauren, this is my mother, Mrs. Teresa.”)

In social situations, men are introduced to women. (“Mrs. Jones, I would like to introduce Mr. Smith.”)

Tomorrow we will talk about self-introductions.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed designing it. Ralph Lauren gave me everything I needed to present it well.

See you soon,

Yarra House Modern Architecture Designed by Leeton Pointon Architects

Yarra House Modern Architecture Designed by Leeton Pointon Architects
Yarra House Modern Architecture Designed by Leeton Pointon Architects

The Modern Architectonics Yarra Abode amid in Melbourne, Australia provides a admirable appearance for autogenous architectonics and architectonics inspiration. Often acclimated interchangeably with autogenous decorating, architectonics design, autogenous architectonics draws on several added disciplines in accession to autogenous decorating such as: ecology psychology, architectonics and artefact design.

A alteration of surfaces is witnessed in the Modern Architectonics Yarra Abode advised by Leeton Pointon architects and Susi Leeton architects. Floors become walls; walls become ceilings; and beam opens up to sky. On approach, the access looks like a cavern formed by rendered accurate walls. Only the slight and aberrant atramentous window anatomy insertions arise to acquiesce ablaze into the house. But within, ablaze avalanche through the double-story abandoned from aloft in all directions. Ablaze cascades bottomward oak and white bashed surfaces. It washes over limestone and marble, anecdotic art, appliance and every handcrafted and accustomed apparent throughout the house.

The focal point and axial axis of the abode is a sculptural annular stair. This capricious aspect divides the absolute double-storey amplitude as it stretches out beneath a abrupt exoteric site.Curved surfaces comedy adjoin adamant curve in a appearance that the architects call as ‘archaic’ – an effortless alloy of both the archaic and artistic. Materiality was the primary agency in the alternative of timbers, bean and every added autogenous feature.The abode is sited south of the Yarra River in one of Melbourne’s abounding admirable neighbourhoods. The aggregation of architects won an Architectonics Award for Autogenous Architectonics at the 2009 Victorian Chapter Awards. – Andrew J Wiener

Architecture Building Daewon Park Observation Tower

Architecture Building Daewon Park Observation Tower
Architecture Building Daewon Park Observation Tower
Architecture Building Daewon Park Observation Tower
An ascertainment belfry for the burghal of Seongnam in Korea architecture by Korean artist Changki Yun. The Daewon Park Anchor was an access for a antagonism but did not win. The dream of flight is blissful. Just the anticipation of amphibian in the sky brings abundant action to attack to accomplish the dream. However this dream is now a reality. For the best appearance “Cloud 360? alotted all its amplitude in the sky. The arena akin was larboard as accessible amplitude and two capital elevators carriage visitors to the sky. The restaurant, cafe, and mediatech are all amid in high levels of the billow observatory. This new anchor is abiding to become the new battleground of the Sungam district.

Glenwood Residence Architecture Design by Wernerfield

Glenwood Residence Architecture Design by Wernerfield
Glenwood Residence Architecture Design by Wernerfield
Glenwood Residence Architecture Design by Wernerfield
Architecture architecture of Glenwood abode offers 80 units of abiding apartment to late-stage, abiding alcoholics, based on a archetypal accepted as abuse reduction. Many low-income, homeless, abiding alcoholics accept struggled to attain sobriety. The Glenwood abode is organized about a axial basin courtyard. The capital active amplitude and adept apartment all accessible assimilate the courtyard through a alternation of attic to beam amber and bottle sliding panels that seamlessly accommodate autogenous and exterior. Glenwood Abode provides residential affliction in a calm ambiance for its tenants, behindhand of akin of intoxication, although booze is not accustomed in the building. This cost-effective and compassionate apartment advantage costs $42.98 a night. A night in detox costs about $218. A natural, yet basal actual palette complete with accurate and burdensome detail additionally accomplish the home feel both agreeable and modern. A cardinal of ecology appearance including geothermal heating and cooling, activity brilliant appliances, bounded architecture materials, and a aerial achievement architecture envelope are all congenital into the project.

Poets House Architecture Design in New York

Poets House Architecture Design in New York
Poets House Architecture Design in New York
Poets House Architecture Design in New York
This cellophane and acceptable home design, alleged Poets Abode is a 50,000 aggregate library and acquirements centermost that amid in Battery Park City, New York, United States. Advised by Louise Braverman Architects, Poets Abode awarded LEED Gold home, that speaks to its architect for its concrete accuracy beckons all bodies and choir of balladry to appear inside. These spatial elements as the bifold acme bottle access accumulation an egg-shaped bottle exhibition amplitude and the children’s library serve as a alarm to allure the association to enter. All spaces are consistently activated for they are advised to be inherently multifunctional, ultimately authoritative acceptable use of admired absolute acreage and creating a 24/7 activated environment. Fuelled by a forward-thinking design, this 11,000 sq ft abode of balladry overlooking both the Hudson River and Teardrop Park South is now a hub for aesthetic adroitness in city New York City. The architectural architecture not alone enlarges the calibration at which this non-profit can operate, but accomplishes this while accompanying extenuative both activity and the environment. Built with acceptable abstracts begin aural 500 afar of the site, such as renewable beech copse flooring, countertops created from metal debris and insulation composed of recycled dejected jeans, the architecture of this activity consistently reduces its carbon footprint. The activity accumulation will additionally abide for the architecture incorporates advancing aerial achievement systems that will recycle rainwater, adviser calm ecology air affection and abduction filtered aurora as a antecedent of lighting for the absolute library account room. Former United States Poet Laureate and architect of Poets Abode already wrote, “I dream of an art so cellophane that you can attending through it and see the world”.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Days 3, 4 & 5 of the Better Homes & Gardens Shoot

I thought I'd give you a play-by-play of the last 3 days of the BHG Christmas photo shoot at our house...

The photographer, Helen Norman (above), and her assisant Fj Hughes (below) shot the house on Wednesday and Thursday.  They arrived both mornings around 8 AM or so.  (Just having had a baby, it's really hard to get going in the mornings:  getting a shower & getting dressed sometimes feel near-impossible.    Justin was really spit-uppy and I made sure not to carry him over the camera equipment...  eeek )
I had so much fun working with them!  Helen has a great sense of humor (hysterical) and always made sure that we knew what the next meal would be.  (A woman after my own heart!  But she made a really good point that when you're on a job like this it's easy to forget about meals and then people get cranky & sloppy from being hungry.)  Fj has a 3 yr-old daughter and a 3 month old baby girl, so we had a lot in common.   
Below, Fj is holding the coco bead chandelier OUT of the shot.  (how sad for my chandy!  a bit too wild for BHG I think ;)

Jessica Thomas-the stylist- (below) was amazing.  The detail that's put into each & every shot is incredible.  Most shots took an hour plus to shoot (some less, some more.)  You'd be so surprised at how much thought is put into each shot.  And I'm talking about a photo of something as small as a Christmas ornament or a plate of cookies.  They made sure everything was perfect.  No unsightly tree lights or wires showing, etc.  It was awesome to watch.  A very precarious cookie kept falling over in one shot and we all had to stand perfectly still so as not to move the floor at all.  The sunlight kept going in and out of the clouds and Helen had to shoot at just the right time as Fj watched the clouds and let her know what the sky was about to be doing.  Craziness.  Jessica (below) has such an eye.  She made sure that each and every shot had a "story."  It was different than it would have been had we been shooting for a 100% design magazine vs a lifestyle magazine.  The shots weren't about the furniture or the room, they were more about what's going on in the room:  the people, the activities, and Christmas of course.  The room is more the backdrop for the story vs. the focus of the story.  (But of course the rooms had to look perfect in order to help "tell" the story.)

Joanna Linberg (below) is writing the story.   She also assisted Jessica in getting all of the props ready for the shoot and was AMAZING with Christian.  (He will be SO sad when he learns that "Miss Joanna" and "Miss Jessica" / The "Homes & Gardens Ladies" are not coming back tomorrow.  I've been using them to get Christian to do things:  i.e. "Miss Joanna wants you to brush your teeth."  hee hee hee) You know when you meet someone and they just exude goodness?  That's Joanna.  She's so young and has worked so hard to get to where she is. 

We were in a few of the photos and Christian did such a great job.  He was such a good little kid throughout the whole process & really followed directions well.  ("Ok, now go on your knees and giggle." etc..  He had so much fun!) 
Below is a picture of my kitchen shelves being emptied so Jessica could style them.  I LOVE what she did and am sad to see the things go!  She used a combination of my own things, some props from the Meredith prop room and some thigns we found at On a Whim and Lucketts. 

On the last day, at the end, we started running out of daylight.  Daylight is so important, because if you lose it, the photographers have to light the space and the look is totally different.  (not as pretty at all either!)  That crazy cookie kept falling over and then it was time for our family portrait.  Justin was crying and we had to get the shot as quickly as possible before the sun went down.  Definitely felt the pressure but it was so exciting!  Ps-  I think I TOTALLY scared Jessica before we met.  We'd been doing a lot of the prep over the phone/ emails and I told her multiple times how excited I was about the shoot.  (She does this ALL the time and so was not nearly there with me ;)  When some extra Christmas ornaments arrived for the tree, I got teary (give me a break- I just had a baby!) because they were so perfect.  I called Jessica and told her how much I loved them & how excited I was she was like, "Ok,"  (probably like "what is wrong with this girl?????!"  hahah)   Jessica is awesome at what she does& just so much fun and I'm honestly surprised everyone's not this nutty around her. 
On Day 5 (Today) Jessica & Joanna packed up everything from the shoot & put our house back in order.  (FedEx will pick all of the boxes up later this week to send them back to the Meredith Studio and back to the companies they came from.)  Jessica & Joanna also (as they did all week long) helped take care of Christian & Justin, and Jessica even made Christian a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch.  Finally, we said our goodbyes and Christian waved at our new friends from the window. 
Below, here we all are at the end of the shoot.  Everyone was so good to Christian & Justin.  (Helen below, with my little guy.  He loved them all so much. )

I'm really going to miss them all.  It was such a fun crazy week.  ...Such an awesome experience and I just feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with such talented, sweet people.  I wish we all lived closer. 

And I can't wait to see the spread next November!!!  (Feels like forever away!!!)

Have a great weekend!!

**update**  I should clarify that they used a lot of our own things:  my urns, cakestands, plates, stemware, silverware, pillows, blankets, ornaments, accessories, etc...  but supplemented them all with some extras & of course more Christmas things  (Our trees & garlands were long dead) and food. Jessica worked really hard to make sure that the items they brought in worked with my style & blended seamlessly with what we already had.   :)  so much fun!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fabulous Fashion ~ The New York Collections

Actress/Model Natasa Vojnovic with members of The American Ballet Theatre. February Issue Elle Magazine. Dress by Tommy Hilfiger

My favorite dress. Carolina Herrera.

Dress by Michael Kors.

Dress by Oscar de la Renta.

This beautiful tailored suit by Ralph Lauren. I love this suit.

I hope that you have enjoyed this selection from New York Collections. Great combination -- fashion and culture.

NOTE: You can buy your herbs now. I am going to purchase rosemary, basil, sage, thyme, dill, mint, oregano. I am going to grow lettuce, but not in the box I built. You will need a good potting soil (I use Miracle Gro.) Put gravel, if you will be using, and pour in soil and them plant the herbs. Water. Be sure you keep them moist, but not soaked.

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

Five Introduction Goofs

Looking away. If you are looking around or talking while an introduction is being made, you are showing that you are not interested.

Making too-personal comments. Conversations about divorce, illnesses, job situations, death, etc. are not acceptable during an introduction.

Interrupting. When people are obviously involved in a conversation, do not interrupt them in order to talk or make introduction.

Deferring to one person at the expense of the other. Include all parties in a conversation after an introduction.

Gushing. Do not be too enthusiastic with introductions. It may make others uncomfortable. No match making here.

See you Monday,

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

For the Love of Linen and It's Care


I have always loved beautiful linens, and I have been collecting them for as long as I can remember. Tablecloths, napkins in all types, style and size, bed linens, and covers were always so beautiful to me, and I have drawers running over. I have just monogrammed a set of solid cotton napkins for casual use.

How to care for linens, from washing to storing, is another issue. I will share my knowledge on this with you, along with sources for items and products that will allow you to lengthen the life of these precious heirlooms, old and new alike.

There are many products to choose from, but these are designed for your fine linens. The products above can be found HERE.

Much of the proper means to take care of linens is so far from how I am inclined to do so. I am one of those people that likes to keep their linens ready for use. This is the worst thing you can do, so I have resolved myself to keeping only my casual cotton linens clean and folded, and that is only if I am using them frequently.

So… for those of you that are sane enough to launder and put away your linens – you are ahead of the game.

Wash on gentle cycle after checking tablecloth and napkins, spot-treating the stains immediately after use. I USE AN OXY CLEANER OR CLUB SODA as soon as possible. I have also used a dab of lemon juice on cloth, putting it in the sun to bleach out stains, but you need to spot test if you are not certain it is cotton or linen. Some bleach their linens, but I don’t get near chlorine bleach with my linens. (Bed linens are an exception if white cotton.) I use linen or lingerie bags to wash my linens.

Put up the wash and dried linen without starching or ironing until use. Store them layered and rolled, leaving no creases. Folding puts much less stress on the fabric. Do not hang on hangers (another one of my favorite ways to store the tablecloth and napkins.) Layer them on top of each other and roll them up, storing them rolled or very loosely folded up in acid free tissue paper or cotton cases. Make sure the temperature is moderate with low humidity, away from light and dirt. All folds MUST be loose.

If you use the linens within a year, there is no reason to re-wash, just starch and press. Press damp linens with hot iron using a pressing cloth between fabric and iron. Some put damp linens in the refrigerator the night before pressing. I haven’t tried that, but I make sure that the linens are damp. If the linens are dry, just spray with water and starch if needed before ironing. I use the bottled starch.

Take extra care with the cloth on and around monograms, eyelet, lace and hemstitch. I have a tightly balled up piece of cloth that I put under monogramming or creases, but many people use terrycloth, and always press linens on the wrong side. Martha Pullen Company carries tiny irons for machine and hand work that is difficult to press with a standard iron.

MAKE SURE that your floor and ironing board are clean, because your tablecloth will most likely touch the floor. Hang dry table cloth on padded hanger in closet, with tissue in folds to keep the crease from forming.


While we are talking linens, never put a tablecloth on your table with a CREASE in it. This is an etiquette issue.

Never put up linens until they are completely dry!

If you are not certain of the type cloth you have, ask the person at your laundry cleaners. I would not launder a cloth that is not cotton or linen, unless it is a less expensive, casual-use material, and I wouldn’t get near silk to treat, launder, or press.

If you have any good hints please leave a comment!

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

When Someone Forgets to Introduce You

When you are speaking with someone, and another person walks up and there is not an introduction made, the people most likely think you know the other person, or they may have forgotten your name and are waiting for you to introduce yourself. When there is a break in the conversation, introduce yourself. "Hello, I am Angela Parmer."

Tomorrow ~ Five Introduction Goofs

See you soon,