Monday, 31 August 2009

Indoor Waterfalls Amazing Designs

Indoor Waterfalls Amazing Designs Picture

Indoor Waterfalls Amazing Designs
Indoor Waterfalls Amazing Designs
Feast your eyes on these new amazing designs from Harmonic Environments, “the premiere maker of indoor waterfalls“. Stylish, subtle and soothing, these products can turn a regular apartment into a dream house. Each waterfall is custom made. You can embed them in your doors, your walls, or simply make a water panel in order to separate a room. The possibilities are endless: you can choose the material that you want and also the color of the water. Graphics are also possible. Pick out a text or a drawing and it will be carved in the material. If you would like to make an online order, here is where you can get in touch with the manufacturers. There are very easy to install, so all that is left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Stand Lights Corner Lamp Room Design

Examples Photos of Stand Lights Corner Lamp Room Design

Stand Lights Corner Lamp Room Design

Created by Korean designer Ji Young Shon the Stand 1/4 lights come in floor and table versions, and are designed to eliminate the amount of space that a normal light would require. What do you think is this is smart idea?

iHouse 'Smart door' opens only after checking your fingerprint

You no longer have to carry a bunch of home keys along wherever you go or worry about your home security. iHouse is here with the technologically advanced door that lets you open the doors with biometric readings. Yes, you read it correct, it first identifies your fingerprint and lets you enter your house, so obviously burglars won’t be able to open your hi-tech home doors. :)

All you have to do is place your finger on the scanner to release the door’s lock, and you can program other fingers for operating the lights, activating the AC, lifting the window blinds and lots more. Not only this, your smart door lock is endowed with a cool feature of storing the data, date and time of the last 64 accesses, thereby giving you the information on who entered the residence during that period. If somebody in your family doesn’t have the clearance to enter the house at a given time, he or she can remotely, by making a call, via PC or pocket PC unlock a gate. Its number pad also enables you to open the door, but for that you gotta know the password. Now, that’s a smart door!

Love Life.

Simplify your life
Live one day at a time
Less is more
Slow down and take it all in...

Quality over quantity
Forget about the mess sometimes & be happy there's someone there to make it.
Don't worry
Paring down makes you feel free...

Take pleasure in the day to day
Appreciate the little things in life

Find beauty in every day things...
Don't click away the time

You never regret taking the time to do something nice for someone

They grow up before you know it

Keep your goals in mind but don't forget to appreciate what you already have...

Each day is such a gift to us and we should treasure its beauties: nature, our homes, our friends, our families...
Take nothing for granted. You will be happier, I promise.

A little girl drowned in the ocean this week while we were at the beach. I can't imagine how horrible it must be for her family right now & I'm heartbroken for them. Please say a little prayer & remember what's really important in your life. Don't take even one day for granted.


*images- 1. Real Simple, 2. Baby Christian 3.Atlanta bartlett 4. Atlanta bartlett 5.Real Simple, 6. real Simple 7.Mine-FL Rocking Chair 8.Atlanta Bartlett 9.Mine- wild chickory 10. mine- Froggy 11.real Simple 12. Mine- Ashby 13.Atlanta Bartlett 14-16. Mine - family

Friday, 28 August 2009

Pear Tree Cottage Design Seminars!!

For any DC area readers, I wanted to let you know about Pear Tree Cottage's Design Seminar Series. (For non-DC area readers, just enjoy the pretty eye candy ;) The super-sweet & creative owner, Frances Brayshaw has gotten together a group of local designers to do a month-long series of design seminars on every Sunday in September. I'm so excited to be a part of the series & am the first one up on Sunday, September 6th at 4:00 pm at the shop in Vienna. Spots are limited, so if you'd like to attend, email Frances at

Pear Tree Cottage
130 Maple Avenue
Vienna, VA 22180

I'm doing a workshop on arranging your accessories and will be starting with empty surfaces & demonstrating step-by-step how to create artful tablespaces, bookshelves & mantle arrangements.

Here's the schedule of Seminars:

Sunday, September 6 @ 4:00- Lauren Liess: Arranging Your Accessories

Sunday, September 13 @ 4:00- Toni Principe Korby: Defining the Look of Luxury

Sunday, September 20 @ 4:00- Kimberly Stein: From Photo to Finish

Sunday, September 27 @4:00- Rebecca Ilgenfritz: First Impressions: The Foyer

Everything in the shop is displayed so beautifully & they carry antiques & one-of-a-kind items as well as new items. The merchandise is always changing and it's one of those places you'll want to go to often to see what's new. (Not to mention you'll want everything in there!!!) Check out The Washington Spaces Blog for much more detailed description. (image below from Washington Spaces Blog)

It's going to be so much fun & I'd love to see some of you there!!! (It's my first time speaking in public since college so wish me luck!!- eeeeeek! ;) Again, spaces are limited & are booking up quickly, so email Frances at to reserve your spot!!

Hope to see you there!!



Thursday, 27 August 2009

Grisaille Murals & Wallpapers

OK, all I can say about the entry in one of Martha Stewart's homes (above) is LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've been attracted to large-scale murals & etchings & toiles lately as you can see here.

Grisaille is a term for painting executed entirely in monochrome, usually in shades of gray or brown, particularly used in decoration to represent objects in relief. (I'm not going to lie, until I heard this term I always called them toile-like scenic murals ;) The 7 feet by 4 feet blown up Durer print on fabric that we're going with in our dining area (above) is my way of getting the look of a handpainted wall mural on a budget. (With the feel of a tapestry).

I thought I'd share with you a few beauties I've found along the way.... The image below from

This one below from House Beautiful has been floating around a lot lately biut I just can't get over it. I love the shades of green against the warm, rich browns of the furniture. perfection.

Here's one found in a restaurant by

And of course, we needc to include some hand-painted wallpaper from de Gournay:

SO GORGEOUS!!!! Here's another one, below:

The image below from and I love how soft it is, receeding in the background:
Remember this one??? More of a large scale toile but I'm in love anyway. I contacted the company about this handpainted paper but never heard back. (Just as well, I'm pretty sure it's just a smidge out of our price range. ;)

The warm-toned Chinoisserie mural below is from :

And here's just one more from de Gournay... Maybe one day I can replace my "tapestry" with the real deal???? Oh just so beautiful....

Hope you enjoyed these beauties. As soon as I get my "tapestry" up I'll post pics!!!



ps- If you didn't get a chance to weigh-in on the question in the previous post (below), I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Amazing Star Wars Room Decor Design by Cho Woong

It is not uncommon for people to have a few collectibles or action figures of their fantasy world idols. But is THIS for real? Don’t say we didn’t warn you about this one. This ultimate star wars fan home by Cho Woong just overflows with collectibles and action figures from the Star Wars saga.