Friday, 30 April 2010

Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

Designed by Daniele Lago, the futuristic, elegant and stylish kitchen 36E8 is an odd mixture of styles as its name indicates. The kitchen is designed in typical Italian style with plenty of bright shades, lots of glossy finishes and yet very modern and minimalistic approach towards the shelves and the space available. Despite its bright appearance, it is highly organized, can be altered to suit various needs and from what we understand, you can have your picnic lunch in it by just changing the flooring for the occasion! Spacious and sleek, 36E8 is a pretty modern and unique kitchen.

Outdoor Rooms Help Expand Homes

If the economic downturn means a new house isn’t realistic right now, consider adding an outdoor room to your home. You can extend your kitchen, expand the family room, create a meditation place — the possibilities are endless. The best part? There’s no need to take out a second mortgage, because you can do it yourself.

“Most do-it-yourselfers will find that a brick patio is less expensive than a comparably sized wood deck — and there is much less upkeep,” said Laura Schwind, a registered landscape architect for Pine Hall Brick, America’s largest manufacturer of genuine clay pavers.

To get started, place your outdoor furniture, the grill, kids’ toys, and other objects that you will want on the patio in the area of the proposed patio. Outline the area with a garden hose to see how much square footage you will need. You’ll also need to choose a pattern, keeping in mind that some patterns require more cuts than others.

To install, dig approximately eight inches down and six inches out beyond the area you will pave. Slope the soil about one-quarter inch per foot to allow for proper drainage.

Next, tamp the soil down with a hand tamper or a vibrating plate compactor.

Put down four inches — eight inches for driveways — of crusher run gravel, and compact it well with the tamper or plate compactor. Lay down two lengths of one-inch PVC pipe, parallel to each other and several feet apart. Cover the pipes with concrete sand, which is course and jagged, then use a board across the top of the pipes to screed the sand level.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Beautiful Gardens Are Within Our Reach

These are some beautiful gardens that you and I can grow ourselves at home. These gardens are on House Beautiful online. ENJOY!

Now on to etiquette...

In Taxis and Limousines ~ Limousines

If you hire a limousine to take you to the airport or elsewhere, DON’T ACT AS IF YOU’RE “riding high.” Although you are not required to form a relationship with the driver, be amicable. It is ridiculous to be condescending to the driver. Being nice to the driver makes for a better trip and can improve the fee.

Make certain that if the driver is to sit and wait for an extended period of time, be sure that you have provided them with a snack.

Monday we begin a multi-part series on shopping!

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Design Xil Bathroom Furniture from Karol with Uncommon

Design Xil Bathroom Furniture
Design Xil Bathroom FurnitureDesign Xil Bathroom Furniture modern from Karol with Uncommon

Design Xil Bathroom Furniture
Design Xil Bathroom Furniture
Design Xil Bathroom Furniture modern

Colour ME Happy!!!

{me & maria}

We got a visit from Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy this week!!!  Maria flew down to DC (really Virginia) from NYC this week and we had such a great time!  Maria is everything she seems on her blog and more: super-stylish, quick-witted, thoughtful, frank and so much fun.   She's continually looking to grow & learn and is a natural teacher.  This may sound cheesy, but she's a very wise, self-aware person.  . 

 I got to go on a Colour Me Happy color consultation to see her in action and (of couse!) she's so good.  I have no doubt her client will be thrilled with the results.  She also picked out some colors for me at our house for when we get to those rooms!!  yayyyy

{the perfect little turquoise vase she brought me}

Maria also filled me in on the latest color trends and one of my favorite descriptions was "Pretty Ugly."  Click here to read more about it.   I also learned that I'm totally in the stoneage as far as technology goes and have a lot of things to learn like twitter, snaggit and windows live writer.  Maria is so generous with info and I have a mental checklist of all the things I need to get on like a Pure Style Home facebook page, etc.  Anyway, it was awesome to meet another amazing blogfriend and we can't wait to see her again!!  She's amazing!!


Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine

Kitchen Famous Italian Company Futura Cucine, have design kitchen ideas for decorate and remodeled our kitchen. A kitchen is a place where people spend time cooking and relaxing and many times where the family comes together. Black appliances contrast beautifully with white cabinets and a white island in this modern kitchen Futura Cucine.

Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine

Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine
Kitchen Design Italian Company Futura Cucine
Kitchen Design by Italian Company Futura Cucine

Black dishes and accessories always look fabulous on a white table in one of these black and white kitchens. Scandinavian design uses many of black kitchen cabinets as well, but the rest of the kitchen is very light with a great deal of white and a lot of lighting. Sometimes the black kitchen cabinets have glass fronts and are lit on the inside, which will really brighten up a kitchen. A warm wood floor can make a kitchen space more welcoming, more information about best pictures kitchen designs colors with black appliances Kitchen Design by Italian Company Futura Cucine.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wood Dining Table Furniture Design by Rodam

Wood Dining Table Furniture DesignWood Dining Table Furniture Design by RODAM

Wood Dining Table Furniture Design
Wood Dining Table Furniture Design
Natural Wood Dining Table Furniture Design

Wood Dining Table Furniture Design by Rodam appetite to be appropriate dining allowance appliance sets looks accustomed design, I anticipate authentic copse is solutions to makes the abreast copse dining tables. Because accustomed abstracts and acceptable woodworking techniques emphasize, to actualize the arts and crafts dining room. The Boat Shaped Modus table offers attractive accustomed copse disconnected alone by a accelerating stainless animate base, appropriate atmosphere that bears your badge of amore and comfort.

Two leaves aggrandize the table of 60 cm at anniversary end, so it can be for an affectionate acquisition or more. The bifold Kasus accustomed copse table extends to the guests. This is an aberrant adjustment in admeasurement with a strong, solid feel, and comes in ablaze or aphotic copse atom beautifully. This table will booty the adventure at a time back things were congenital to aftermost through the centuries. It can go duke in duke with banks Kasus or associated with avant-garde chairs. Here is best abreast dining allowance appliance Dining table design decorating account by Rodam.

Flowers Galore In the South ~ Montgomery Alabama

Just a small sampling of the beautiful flowers around Montgomery, AL. This is one of a multi-part series on my hometown.  They will most likely be separated by other posts, but stay tuned.  Shakespeare Theater and Gardens will be next, and as you would imagine, it is beautiful.
By the way, that was my world tilting in a few of these photographs.

Now on to etiquette...

In Taxis and Limousines ~ Taxis

Each municipality has its own regulations for taxies. In your smaller cities taxies are called, in large cities taxies are hailed or found at a certain spot in the city. Be certain to remember that it is very rude to get in front of anyone at the taxi stops.

Once you are in the taxi, make sure that correct destination directions are given to the driver saving much time and a lot of problems.

Have small bills available for the fee. Tip the driver according the cleanliness of the cab, Smoothness of the ride and a courteous driver.

Tomorrow, we discuss Limousines.

See you soon,