Thursday, 31 December 2009



Photograph courtesy of MSN.

2010 is finally here, and I am extremely excited about the possibilities for this New Year! I hope that all of you have your New Years Day meal planned. I am having black-eyed peas, cabbage, cornbread, and ham!

I would like to thank all of my followers, whether on my blog, or on my newly added website, for their support and welcome. I was overwhelmed by the number of visitors I have had.

During this next year my goal will be to make my posts exactly what you are looking for, and I welcome suggestions from each of you. I have a lot of great ideas in store for you.

Now... I'm off to my favorite store!

Lee Ann's Interiors

I wish you and your families a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

After Christmas In Alabama ... Happy New Year!


The beautiful State of Alabama Governors Mansion. Majestic!
Photography by Ed Packard.

The Alabama State Capitol at Christmas.

The Alabama State Capitol. I spent a few days in this grand building.


For my fellow Montgomerians and me, the word "Boultier" is the only word used at Christmastime to describe this display of lights that began as just a few "less than extravagant" decorations.

We love this house, and you don't go on a tour of the city during Christmas without stopping at the show on Boultier Avenue, on the outskirts of the beautiful Old Cloverdale.

Hey, the children love it! It is just a fun, funny part of our Christmas holidays here.

Next year I plan to begin early and photograph the beautiful lights and decorations throughout the beautifully and extravagantly decorated homes in Montgomery.

So many photographs are published here,and I have also posted a link to the video of the "Boutier" SCENE.

THE CHILDREN WILL ENJOY THIS, so just scroll through. A few family pictures follow.



Joey and his precious bride-to-be Lindsay. Aren't they darling?

Lindsay, Angela, Joey

Angela and the precious pooch Lady in her Christmas best!

Our day at Samford. Teresa, Mr. Beeson, Angela.

Well the holidays are over, and we are on to many new endeavors. I am so excited about 2010,and can't wait to share it with you!


Happy New Year!!!

Since we're not doing anything very exciting or glamorous for this New Year's Eve, I thought I'd compile a group of pretties that scream "New Year's Eve" to me...  Tables I'd love to sit at...  Things I'd love to wear...

The perfect black crystal chandelier for New Year's Eve...

Aren't these black and white chinoiserie plates gorgeous??? 

If I had some place to go other than the living room, I'd love to wear this fun cocktail ring (from here)

And how amazing is this wallpapered closet?!!!   (from Houzz)... 

I could see putting on my "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" dress in there...

Seriously I'm in love with that dress.  (And don't have it btw) but there are so many places online you can find who sell a version of it:

...  But in reality I'll be at home in my pjs...

Enjoying one of these with my husband:

Celebrating this:

Happy New Year!!!  Thank you so much for your support & friendship. You've all been so amazing & your comments & emails mean so much to me.  Have fun & be safe tonight!!!!

ps-  a little heads up on what's to come in our house this next year:  ORGANIZATION!!  We're hitting the closets, laundry room & work spaces, and are on a mission to make them functional and pretty.  Can't wait!!!