Saturday, 31 July 2010

At Home With Sidney and Joanna Poitier

This absolutely over-the-top, drop-dead gorgeous residence is the Beverly Hills home of Sidney and Joanna Poitier.  Joanna is an interior designer, and her work is showcased here.  What talent! I was very happy when I opened my inbox and found this surprise.  ENJOY!

Thank you, Tradional Home!

See you soon,

Dream House Design for the Contemporary living style

Dream House for the contemporary living styleThe house has a tropical climate with beautiful natural beauty and quiet surroundings no doubt about dreams or fantasies into reality. Khosla associate your dream home with an existing house is clean and comfortable and surrounded by an elegant exit to please all of your aesthetic, romantic and artistic senses that inspire your life.

ground floor, with large glass windows providing views of beautiful scenery to please the eye. spacious terrace house connects to a fantastic outdoor area. Many windows provide more light and air into the living room and bedroom. Tropical house owned value-for-money with a comfortable environment. The walls are treated with warm colors. That wood around the house has been designed and constructed for the purpose of perfection every time the highest specifications. The concept behind the planning and design of home owners to provide self-esteem and realize their ideas and dreams.

Dream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living styleDream House for the contemporary living style

Friday, 30 July 2010

James Huniford ~ Interior Design In Long Island

For those of you that love a less cluttered d├ęcor with interesting pieces, James Huniford has accomplished a beautiful mix within this Long Island beach house. It is obvious that this interior designer does his homework. ENJOY!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.  You can see more beautiful rooms in the August 2010 Elle Decor.  Have a great weekend, my friends!

See you soon,

Luxury Reed House Design in the Grassland

Reed House in the GrasslandThis residence that designed by Sotheby’s Home in 2006 spread on 7000 square foot area located in Santa Ynez Valley. The residence is become one with the savanna proved by the materials inside. The interior dominant with the natural wood, the parquet, ceilings and the terrace such the examples. We can found many kind of painting in all of the room from contemporer to Japanese once. There is sand field with few trees in the middle residence and you’ll surely like to swim in the swimming pool, mean while you were enjoying the sunset.

Reed House in the Grassland

Reed House in the Grassland
Reed House in the Grassland

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Labor Intensive ~ A Day in Professor Jensen's Sculpture Studio

Well, Tuesday was a bitter sweet day for us. It was the last day of our sculpture class, and Professor Jensen had us going up until the last minute. If you are thinking about taking this class, you had better be a SERIOUS, dedicated student with a genuine love for sculpture and art.

I met some very wonderful people, a family of friends, this semester in the liberal arts annex and have formed some friendships that will forever be there. What did I realize this semester? I realized that if you are doing something that you truly love, it is worth all of the long (and I mean long) hours and days spent in this dusty studio.

I can't end this blog without a shout out to the SUPER PROFESSOR Sue Jensen. I lucked up when I landed in her class. Not only is she a hard working, multi talented artist, she honestly cares about each student -- their capabilities and their talents. So... here's to you Professor Jensen and my new found friends... WE MADE IT!

Below I have posted some photographs from my sculpture class.  I have posted some of my work at the end.  Most of the clay pieces were already taken home. We created clay, soapstone, portrait busts, and shadow boxes. I loved this class, and wanted to share a little something with you about this "place up the street."

A heads up on things...

Portrait Busts

We cleaned up our messes.

Soapstone pieces...

Professor Jensen is working tirelessly behind the scene. 
I wish I had taken a better photograph of the soapstones.  They are beautiful.

Anna's Soapstone Masterpiece.
I can't tell you how many hours she worked on this.

Shadow Boxes

Sara and Brooke by their masterpieces.  Mona, are you trying to hide?

Great job, Mona!

A little graffiti...

well... maybe a lot of graffiti.

Section of the studio for ceramics and pottery.

Pottery Wheels...

My work...
(you have to crawl before you can walk)

I am making something out of my "former" shadow box.  Hint -- silver leaf...
a planter for the kichen herb garden.

My soapstone...

and unfinished clay piece.  Don't be lazy, turn your head to see it.

beginning of one of my portrait busts...

and an art piece I made to frame above a mirror after I, you guessed it -- paint and leaf.

One of my portrait busts in progress.

Well, my precious friends, I guess you got the message.  I loved this class.  Keep in touch everybody!

See you soon,