Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Design Demartino 5 Piece Contemporary Queen Bedroom Set

Design Demartino 5 Piece Contemporary Queen Bedroom Set

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Design Furniture Hannah Contemporary Sectional Sofa Ottoman Set

Design Furniture Hannah Contemporary Sectional Sofa Ottoman Set

Design Furniture Hannah Contemporary Sectional Sofa Ottoman Set The sofa that was perfect to fill up your sitting room of the house lounge room came to be partitioned that could in the appropriate set will and the available layout good to right-left the long seat correlating pillow comparable with results of your hard work. Used the framework of wood and the pillow from the partitioned foam offered old resistance and comfort

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Design Furniture Verna 7 piece dining set

Design Furniture Verna 7 piece dining set,Chairs, Dining Room, Dining Set, Interior Design
Design Furniture Verna 7 piece dining set The dining table with 6 seats with the soft cloth bandage like the table velvet with extendable, espresso resolved in the seat and the table of the dining table expertise this was soft like the carpet made most was glad this dining table

Design Bed Venice

Design Bed Venice

Antique furniture, Bedroom, Bedroom Traditional, design home furnitureThe bed used the white doormat or gold and cloth of the skin collection was available two seats that equipped the bed made you comfortable and beautiful with the small round table with carving that was very good and several pillows design bed this from versacehome

'nexio' stainless steel medicine cabinets by blomus

'nexio' stainless steel medicine cabinets by blomus

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Lucketts Design House

So I wanted to take you on a little virtual tour of one of my favorite places to shop, the Lucketts Design House:

It's this old house with some outbuildings full of an ever-changing array of awesome furnishings & home accents. They change it seasonally & it's only open on weekends so it's always a treat. It's run as a specialty shop of Lucketts Antiques (the salvage yard/ antiques store I always rave about) which I'll be posting about soon. Here's the bridgeway into the Design House:

They have crazy things like this bird house just set up everywhere:

And this griffin guarding the entry:

This is the back entry into the house:

The colors are always changing. I took these pics right after Chrismas so it's all holiday stuff:
I love their kitchen (below). Howmuch fun are the stools?!
Cute b&w checkerboard floor:
This back entrance porch is one of my favorite rooms. I love the floors & pale blue paneling:

Here's a huge hutch in the kitchen that stands in the exact spot where I got my hutch! (I always have to check out what's there instead! :)

Here's the front entryway (below):

View in from another room:

Here are some of the rooms on the first floor:

Fun lamp:
Check out what they've done with this salvaged mantle"

Big, fun lantern:

Ok, this table is on my dream table list. It's reclaimed elm & is so rough & natural. LOVE IT. (Actually I'm very into the drum shade too)

I always love this room & want to buy the down-filled sofas.
Loving this bench & hide rug: (should I feel guilty??)
Quirky lion print= fun
The pretty Christmas mantle & flocked tree:

Such gorgeous old doors:

A console version (below) of my dining room table ;) ;)

I guess I'm into the cow hide right now because this is great to me: (More cowbell anyone??)

And you know I love decorative balls of all shapes & sizes! (These were some type of wood composite I think? Really light & hollow)

Cute snowmen:
Woven coffee table:

Here's an upstairs room. They've got it set up as this crazy dining room right now:

There are so many rooms!!

Here's another upstairs dining room:

How fun is the armoire in the background below? (Would be a great project to try!)

Here's one of the bedrooms. This one is usually full of darker colors:

These shell pieces below are AMAZING. (They always carry a few of these) The carvings are just so beautiful. I think if you had a room with simpler lines this could be a really beautiful contrast:
This bedroom is so light & airy:

They really do a great job squeezing in a ton of merchandise without it feeling too terribly cluttered:
Some great inspiration for older pieces:

Pretty bed. I'm really into the wall colors. Just so fresh & happy:

And you know how I feel about raw wood. I need one of these mirrors:

Or this mirror (below)... & the chair is great upholstered in a rough burlap-like linen:

More mirros & that lamp is really tall! It's just a great place to find pieces with some real character for a bargain:

Haha, yes, I definitely loved the feeling in this bedroom so here's one last picture:

Here's the bathroom where they have lots of great little gifts:

Here's the upstairs hallway with the ever-changing art wall:

More fun balls:

These tables (below) are great! (Haha when I was designing a line of furniture a couple of years ago I SO thought I made up this concept until I walked into a store & saw it! :) But I really do love it when designers takes a furniture piece that is traditionally wood & switches it to metal or vice versa.

Below, a little too curvey for me peronsally, but they still do such a beautiful job of displaying & there's really something for everyone:

Such unique pieces:

Here's this really cool bar. If my basement didn't need to be my living room, I'd totally go for this baby: (One day! ;)

And now back downstairs to one last room:
There's not much more I can say, but that if you are ever in the area, you have to stop by!!!! (And they also always have treats in the kitchen!! Good stuff too- like hot spinach & artichoke dip!!)